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A once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity to become part of one of the most successful Australian family brands as it expands into the rapidly lucrative global digital market by leveraging its vast asset portfolio, partnerships and the power of AI.

Humphrey B Bear Entertainment Pty Ltd (HBBE) is inviting private investors to consider an opportunity to support a highly commercial and uniquely Australian iconic brand to recapitalise the brand and support continued execution of its business model and the extensive commercial opportunities across all media internationally - the Humphrey B. Bear franchise is well-positioned for rapid growth, with the infrastructure in place to facilitate expansion as part of a strategy to leverage a significant amount of assets and history to build a global media group.


The current investment proposal is for Humphrey B Bear Investor No 1 Unit Trust to hold the equivalent of 1% shares in HBBE for every $AUD 100,000 invested in the Humphrey B Bear Investor No 1 Unit Trust. The target total capital raise of $AUD 2,000,000 would represent a 20% shareholding in HBBE.

HBBE is a ‘Profit for Purpose’ company that owns all of the Humphrey intellectual property, branding and assets managed by OZPIX Entertainment. HBBE is dedicated to achieving great things with, and for kids, families, and communities via fun and magical entertainment, learning and wellbeing products and services.

The vision of HBBE is to re-establish and maintain a profitable, purposeful and enduring

entertainment brand.

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Humphrey B Bear Entertainment Pty Ltd and HBBE Investor No 1 Pty Ltd

as the Trustee of the Humphrey B Bear Investor No 1 Unit Trust.

Village Roadshow Studios, Production Drive, OXENFORD, 4210, QLD, Australia

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